cartIn May 2015, after receiving news about a grant for Physical & Nutrition Education for Pasco County students, the Food & Nutrition Services (FNS) department began to plan out and put together a program that allows students to have fun while being active and eating healthier. By the beginning of September 2015, the “Birthday Cart” was introduced to three lucky elementary schools! It’s a cart filled with various activities for the students to have fun and be active with. This promotion is an add-on to the “Smart Snack” Menu for classroom parties and special events. Take a look at the menu here: Pasco County School’s Healthy Snack Menu for School Celebrations

Marketing Associate from Pasco County School Board FNS department, Cyndi Gynard believes that this is a wonderful idea that saves time and money for parents saying, “I would have definitely done [this] for my kids!” All Pasco County elementary schools have the Smart Snack Menu available for parents to order for their child’s classroom. However, there is currently only three elementary schools participating in the “Birthday Cart” promotion: Cypress, Seven Springs, and Deer Park. The Smart Snack Menus are handed out at registration at the beginning of the school year along with the National School Lunch Program paperwork. If a parent chooses to purchase smart snacks for their child’s classroom to celebrate a birthday or any other occasion, the “Birthday Cart” will accompany the snacks at no additional cost! A little planning with the student’s teacher may be involved due to the fact that 20 minutes is the recommended amount of time to set aside for the “Birthday Cart” activities and snacks. Therefore, it will be necessary to inform the student’s teacher beforehand. Check out these awesome pictures below to see the Birthday Cart in action!


Students from Cypress Elementary enjoying the activities from the “Birthday Cart” for a “Golden Spatula Celebration”. The “Birthday Cart” isn’t only for birthdays – celebrations too!

**If you have a student at one of the schools currently participating in the “Birthday Cart” program and would like for them to have one at their next birthday and/or celebration in the classroom please contact their school’s FNS Cafeteria Manager.**