With spring break right around the corner for Pasco County Schools students (March 21st – March 28th) it’s important that we remember to give our kids a fun, healthy and happy spring break! It’s easy to sit the kids down in front of the TV, computer or iPad for hours at a time, but let’s switch it up this year by incorporating fun outdoor activities that will get everyone involved. Below are five awesome activities/ideas that will get the kids outside and moving while educating them at the same time!

After all that fun, here’s a quick and easy recipe for Fresh Fruit pops. A healthy, sweet treat that will surely cool them down! Remember that just one hour of physical activity each day is all it takes! Keep it fun and interesting by switching up which activity is done each day! You can even let the kids get involved with you in the kitchen by making healthy, tasty treats and meals that are packed full of nutrients. This will help fuel their bodies for the next physical activity. Have a wonderful spring break!

Guest Blogger: Janine Gordon, Intern, Johnson & Wales University