Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, just as important as the time parents spend with their kids during meal times. On Friday, November 11, 2016 Trinity Elementary School held its 5th annual “Breakfast with Dad” event at the school cafeteria. Over 400 dads attended the event with their kids, including military dads. Military dads were thanked for their service to the country on this Veteran’s Day.

The event was organized by the Parent Teachers Organization (PTO), and the purpose of this event is to create an opportunity for some quality time with dads and their children during breakfast. The staff at the “Happy Trails Cafe” at Trinity Elementary School provided a nutritious breakfast & the meal was enjoyed by all. The event started at 8:00AM and ended at 9:30AM. This opportunity allowed dads and their children to sit, relax, chat, and enjoy a breakfast without the usual hectic morning rush. This event though, just one day, allowed them to share some meaningful time and will provide some long lasting memories for both the father and child.

The “Breakfast with Dad” event has steadily increased each year. Members of the PTO expect to continue seeing an increase in participation throughout the next few years. They are encouraged by the benefits of this event to the children, family, school and ultimately the community. “Breakfast with Dad” provided opportunity to spend some quality time with their dads and still get to their class on time. It was a morning full of wonderful memories for both dads and their children. If you are interested in attending this event in the future or would like additional information, please contact Diane Klingenbeck, cafeteria manager at Trinity Elementary School.



Guest Blogger: Anthony Rouse, Dietetic Intern