On November 18th Watergrass Elementary School celebrated Mickey Mouse’s 88th Birthday.  The cafeteria was adorned with Mickey Mouse decorations and had Mickey Mouse music playing which helped make the cafeteria more festive. The students absolutely loved it!  All the children walked through the doors singing the Theme to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with a big smile on their face. The food also matched the occasion by offering hot diggity dog (baked whole grain corn dog), whole grain grilled cheese with Mickey Mouse stickers on them, fruit cups with Mickey ears, fresh salad cups with Mickey pants and fresh local juice with mini birthday hats. The festive decorations on the healthy foods options promoted nutrition and wellness by getting children interested in healthy food options. All of the children who brought their own lunch received a Mickey Mouse Sticker instead of a snack item to be in compliance with the school wellness policy!

Both the staff and students had a blast in celebrating Mickey Mouse’s Birthday in healthy and balanced way!

Guest Blogger: Pamela Patrick, Watergrass Elementary School Cafeteria Manager