The Family Nutrition Program teaches nutrition education to low income families (youth, adults, and seniors).  As part of our nutrition education program, we offer up to $500 for a new garden (container gardening, raised bed, hydroponic, etc.) at any school receiving nutrition lessons from us, and then $300 yearly towards maintenance for each year we continue teaching at the school. We work with Title I schools in grades K through 5, as well as shelters, community centers, food pantries, and other organizations to help participants make better food choices.  The Family Nutrition Program is through Pasco County Extension, which is the partnership between University of Florida and Pasco County Government.

The school gardens are most successful when there is a supportive “garden champion” who can help maintain it.  For many students, it is a learning experience as to where fresh food comes from and it encourages them to increase their fruit and vegetable consumption.  For schools interested in nutrition lessons (whether it’s for youth or for parents) and gardens, and to learn more about our program, please call the program manager, Shari Bresin, at 813-929-2725 or email